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Info Systems - 1112 Words

INFO Systems test 3 1) Well managed organizations that _____ are critical, complex and dynamic. A. Business processes B. Informations systems C. Boundaries D. Function 2) The first step in a business process management is to A. Create components B. Implement processes C. Create a model D. Assess results 3) In the diagram, the rounded rectangles refer to: A. Decisions B. Data C. Activities D. Facilities E. None 4) The type of diagram shown is called: A. A standard, as-is process diagram B. A race-lane layout model C. A high-level subassembly D. A swim-lane layout model E. None 5) In this diagram, the stone vendor and stone fabricator are: A.†¦show more content†¦Viral marketing B. UGC C. Crowd-sourcing D. Social networking 21) The purpose of a business intelligence system is to A. Provide the right info to the right people at the right time B. Provide info to improve decision making C. Track interaction with customers D. A and b E. A b and c 22) On a web site, a customers clickstream data provides a record of ______ on the site A. The ads viewed B. The links clicked C. The orders placed D. The queries activated E. Everything done 23) __________ systems integrate data from a variety of sources, process that data, and produce and deliver formatted reports to users A. Data mining B. RFP C. Reporting D. XML E. Web Service 24) Before it can be loaded into the data warehouse, operational data must be extracted and A. Sorted B. Filtered C. Processed D. Cleaned E. Labeled 25) __________ is cheaper and just as accurate as using the complete data set for a data mining application A. Modeling B. Statistical sampling C. Experimentation D. Meta analysis E. Simulation 26) A business intelligence system that uses if/then rules to analyze a situation and make a decision is a: A. expert system B. knowledge management system C. reporting system D. data mining system E. none of them 27) To create a knowledge management system,Show MoreR elatedBada Operating System Info3061 Words   |  13 PagesASHISH ASHOK UDAWANT RAHUL RAJARAM JOGI SHAMKANT EKNATH JAMBHALE M. TEJAS INDEX Content BADA Operating System Info Introduction ïÆ'Ëœ BADA Ecosystem ïÆ'Ëœ Market Share ïÆ'Ëœ BADA SDK Architecture of BADA Operating System Features of BADA Operating System Process Management ïÆ'Ëœ Process Life Cycle ïÆ'Ëœ Process State Transition Memory Management Page No. 1 2 3 5 6 8 10 12 14 15 17 BADA OPERATING SYSTEM INFO BADA LOGO Current Version License Kernel Type Programmed In Platform Support Website 2.0.3 open source andRead MoreSystem Build Project Management Info Systems Essay1711 Words   |  7 PagesSystem Build Project Management Info Systems Professor Hammett Kohl’s is a former employer of mine, for which I have designed a system of organization to better help them with their inventory management. The problem Kohl’s is having lies in the back overstock rooms. There are so many products stocked back there, it can be very tough some days to help a customer find what they are looking for. Also, the other problem is that the employee does not know if the product is in the back room beforeRead MorePersonal Info : The Education System1198 Words   |  5 Pages Personal Info: I became interested in Education in a Diverse Society because I enjoy diversity and how different people can come together to work or learn as one unit. Volunteering with children is what made me interested in education. Even though I have no plans in becoming a teacher, I would like to keep volunteering at schools and other events such as camps because I enjoy helping children develop their minds and learn various aspects that pertain to life. Attending school in America my wholeRead MoreRetail Info Systems ( Ris ) Reported938 Words   |  4 PagesRetail Info Systems (RIS) reported on the top 10 retailers in Apparel Magazine s 2015 annual Top 50 list with the highest profit margins, noting that these 10 had the highest profit margins in the business. All retailers can aspire to, and benefit from, Apparel Magazine s report on the Top 50, which also reveals that the average profit margin for the first 10 retailers was 11.3 percent, with the highest of them earning a score of 17.57 percent. This is good news, however, it is not all storeRead MoreInfo Systems Design/Implement Essay658 Words   |  3 Pagespackage. Next, they should use this spreadsheet prototype to revise and enhance the system iteratively with their colleagues. When ready, the prototype can then be converted to the operational system. 2. Consider a system that produces budget reports for your department at work. Alternatively, consider a registration system that produces enrollment reports for a department at a university. For whichever system you choose, answer the following design questions: Who will use the output? WhatRead MoreEvolution Of Health Care Info Systems. Physician’S Offices1514 Words   |  7 PagesEvolution of Health Care info Systems Physician’s offices and different facilities have modified considerably over the last twenty years. Technology has influenced everything in health care. it s influenced the means info is unbroken, stored, shared and analyzed. within the future, we will expect technology to still modification and improve the means health care is delivered. it s the expectation that technology can improve the general public health and reduce the overwhelming price of health supplyRead MoreThe Biological Aspects of Psychology950 Words   |  4 Pageschanges in behavior + mental processes. †¢ Behaviours and mental processes influenced by biology, biological processes by environment as well Nervous system : Complex combination of cells that mainly function to let an organism gain information about what is going on inside/outside body and how to respond to it. Three functions of the nervous system: †¢ receive information; input †¢ integrate information with past experiences; processing †¢ Guide actions; output. Brain can adjust the impact ofRead MoreSystems Theory2622 Words   |  11 Pages1. Systems theory and the Ecological perspective As a social worker, one must understand the impact of systems in the environment. The interactions between the individual and their multiple systems give social workers a visual of how to interpret their consumer s life. System theories is one way to try to interpret a consumer s life to have somewhat of a general idea of how to help solve the problems they are facing. The easiest way to view system theories are by creatingRead MoreHospital Management System1204 Words   |  5 PagesProposed Title of the Project: Computerized Hospital Management System in Zimbabwe. 1.0 Background of the Project/ Introduction Through preliminary literature survey/review on I.T management systems in Zimbabwe it can be noted that hospitals have not fully computerised their data management systems. Most hospitals still rely on manual data capturing and storage mechanisms. Such traditional data management systems are prone to many errors, faults and biases through the human factor (the personnelRead MoreA Survey Of Techniques Of Software Repository1342 Words   |  6 PagesRepository Mining Naveen Sahu Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati Abstract Software Repositories are used to record the history of the les in the project, info about what was modi ed, by whom and when, the extent of the modi- cation etc. Mining of the data in the repositories can give ideas about the development process of the systems. For example, whether development doc- umentation is synchronous with the implementation, what is the bug resolve rate, are the features requested implemented

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Comparing Ibn Battuta And Marco Polo s Journey Through...

Casey Malosh Ibn Battuta and Marco Polo Paper November 24, 2015 Ibn Battuta and Marco Polo were both explorers in the 13th Century. Battuta was a Muslim who explored in India, East Africa, the Middle East, parts of Russia and areas surrounding Constantinople (in the excerpt we read). Marco Polo was a Venetian merchant who traveled over land from Venice for half of his journey from Acre to Beijing. From Beijing he traveled the South China Sea, through the Indian Ocean, to the Arabic Sea and continuing his journey on land from Ormuz to Venice. The passage we were given to read concentrated on Marco Polo’s journey through Persia and Southwest Asia. While visiting Zafari, Ibn Battuta was shown great hospitality by two shakihs. Abu’l-‘Abbas Ahmad and Abu ‘Abdallah Muhammad, sons of the shaikh Abu Bakr. They were both men of great benevolence. When they washed their hands after a meal, Abu’l-‘Abbas, took that water in which they washed, drank some of it, and sent the servant with the rest of it to his wives and children, and they drank it as well. This is what they do with all visitors to them in whom they perceived indications of goodness. Battuta was also entertained by Abu Hashim al-Zabidi, who personally served and washed his hands, not delegating it to anyone else. (Gibb, 385-386) During Battuta’s visit in Constantinople he had a chance meeting with the ex-King of Constantinople who renounced his throne and became a monk. Battuta seemed in awe of this former

Part Five Chapter VIII Free Essays

XIII Sukhvinder had been walking around Pagford longer than Samantha. She had left the Old Vicarage shortly after her mother had told her she must go to work, and since then had been wandering the streets, observing invisible exclusion zones around Church Row, Hope Street and the Square. She had nearly fifty pounds in her pocket, which represented her wages from the cafe and the party, and the razor blade. We will write a custom essay sample on Part Five Chapter VIII or any similar topic only for you Order Now She had wanted to take her building society pass book, which resided in a little filing cabinet in her father’s study, but Vikram had been at his desk. She had waited for a while at the bus stop where you could catch a bus into Yarvil, but then she had spotted Shirley and Lexie Mollison coming down the road, and dived out of sight. Gaia’s betrayal had been brutal and unexpected. Pulling Fats Wall †¦ he would drop Krystal now that he had Gaia. Any boy would drop any girl for Gaia, she knew that. But she could not bear to go to work and hear her one ally trying to tell her that Fats was all right, really. Her mobile buzzed. Gaia had already texted her twice. How pissed was I last nite? R u going 2 work? Nothing about Fats Wall. Nothing about snogging Sukhvinder’s torturer. The new message said, R u OK? Sukhvinder put the mobile back into her pocket. She might walk towards Yarvil and catch a bus outside town, where nobody would see her. Her parents would not miss her until five thirty, when they expected her home from the cafe. A desperate plan formed as she walked, hot and tired: if she could find a place to stay that cost less than fifty pounds †¦ all she wanted was to be alone and ply her razor blade. She was on the river road with the Orr flowing beside her. If she crossed the bridge, she would be able to take a back street all the way round to the start of the bypass. ‘Robbie! Robbie! Where are you?’ It was Krystal Weedon, running up and down the river bank. Fats Wall was smoking, with one hand in his pocket, watching Krystal run. Sukhvinder took a sharp right onto the bridge, terrified that one of them might notice her. Krystal’s yells were echoing off the rushing water. Sukhvinder caught sight of something in the river below. Her hands were already on the hot stone ledge before she had thought about what she was doing, and then she had hoisted herself onto the edge of the bridge; she yelled, ‘He’s in the river, Krys!’ and dropped, feet first, into the water. Her leg was sliced open by a broken computer monitor as she was pulled under by the current. How to cite Part Five Chapter VIII, Essay examples

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The Field Studies of the Mangrove Ecosystem free essay sample

The state and federal government created the Park during 1980s, to celebrate Australias Bicentenary in 1988†(2). â€Å"On 1 January the Park was officially opened†(3). â€Å"This large up-to-date park consists of 100 hectors of inheritance land†. Mangroves are among the endangered habitats in the world, there are 64 types of mangroves in the world, and Bicentennial Park has 2 types. Like the mangroves salt marsh is also an endangered species, it is a filtering system for nearby rivers and streams and supplies nutrients to fish and other aquatic species. â€Å"The Badu mangrove board walk allows people to walk through one of the largest remaining mangrove ecosystem beside the Parramatta River†(4). Aim: To study the mangrove ecosystem by: * Measuring the abiotic factors at different locations. * Estimating the abundance of a plant and animal species. We will write a custom essay sample on The Field Studies of the Mangrove Ecosystem or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Describing the distribution of a plant and animal species. * Identify the relationships between the abundance and distribution of a plant and animal species. * Describing how abiotic factors affect the distribution of organism. Method: Different test where executed: Measuring the abiotic factors at different location: We measured different types of abiotic factors in the saltmarsh community and in the mangroves ecosystem. Here are the types: Soil temp, soil moisture, light intensity, wind velocity, air temp and humidity. * Soil temp: equipment (Soil thermometer probe). Take the reading of the probe which was in the ground. Soil moisture: equipment (Soil moisture meter). Take the reading of the meter which is in the ground. * Light intensity: equipment (Light meter). I. You get the light meter open to see the white disk than point it upwards and press the button and wait for the reading. II. Take the reading of the meter. III. Close the light meter and put it back. * Wind velocity: equipment (Anemometer). I. Open the anemometer. II. Take the an emometer point it slightly upwards. III. Take the reading of the anemometer. * Air temp: equipment (thermometer) Take the reading of the thermometer. * Humidity: equipment (Hygrometer) Take the reading of the Hygrometer. Estimating the abundance of plant and animal species: In order to estimate the prosperity of the plant and animal species (seedlings and crab holes), the quadrant technique was applied. 10 one meter quadrants where placed along the mangrove creek beside the wooden pathway. By counting the amount of the seedlings and crab holes in each of the 10 quadrants, the results were listed on a piece of paper. For the seedlings you take the average amount in all the quadrants and multiply it by the total area that the mangrove seedling creek covered to obtain the overall abundance of the seedlings. For each one crab hole lives one crab in it, the average amount of crab holes in the 10 quadrants where multiplied by the area of mangrove seedling creek covered to obtain the abundance of the crabs in each crab hole. Describing the distribution of a plant and animal species: The first location was the mangrove trees; at the first location you’ll find a long transect. Along the transect where 10 meter posts that ended at 100 meters, mangrove trees where surrounding each one of the meters. The height of these mangrove trees were listed according to the estimation of the meter posts in every metre from 10100. The results were recorded on a vegetation graph, where the y axis is the height of the mangroves in meters and the x axis is the distance distant from the creek in meters. The crabs liver near rivers because the abundant of food resources. When the tide comes up and deposits a rotted organic matter, referred to as detritus more offer near the creak. Results: The vegetation profile for Mangroves The height of the mangroves in the transect as function of distance (m) Graph1: Relation Between organisms in this ecosystem Relationship| Definition| Mutualism | This is a relationship that is mutually beneficial for both organisms. Example: Like the shark and the remora, the remora swims under the shark and eats the dead skin of the shark, the remora benefits by being protected by the shark and the shark benefit’s by losing all of its dead skin. | Allelopathy| This happens when a plant releases a chemical to inhibit the growth of other plants. Example: The casuarina tree, it release casuarina needles to prevent the growth of other plants around it. | Commensalism | A relationship that benefits one organism and does not harm the other. Example: The epiphyte, it stays on the tree, the epiphyte benefits by having a place to stay and the tree is not harmed. Parasitism | In this relationship, one organism benefits, but the host organism is harmed. The abiotic factors which we studied in the mangroves ecosystem and the Saltmarsh community where soil temp, soil moisture, light intensity, wind velocity, air temp and humidity. These abiotic factors were recorded in 3 phases (times). The soil temp and the air temp in the saltmarsh was slightly higher from the soil and air temp in the mangroves because of the height of the mangroves, there’s hardly enough sunlight hitting the soil and the air. The soil moisture in the mangrove community increased from the saltmarsh community due to the mangrove trees releasing some water and because the sunlight hits the saltmarsh which allows the water in the soil to evaporate which means the soil moisture is lower in the saltmarsh community hence soil is muddier in the mangroves community. The light intensity in the saltmarsh was higher than the light intensity in the mangroves just like in the soil temp the sun hardly hits, because of the height of the mangroves that prevent the sunlight to pass through; hence this influences the levels of photosynthetic productivity. The wind velocity where lightly equal in both of the 2 ecosystems the slightly difference could be because of the time. The humidity in the saltmarsh increased from the humidity of the mangroves. â€Å"The abiotic factors for the saltmarsh and mangroves ecosystem are not all similar over the whole area†(5). The mangroves could be near a creek or a river and vice-versa the salt marsh could be near an ocean this might change the results we obtained with the abiotic factors. Abiotic factors differ with each area the ecosystem is. Abiotic factors could affect some mangroves and saltmarsh ecosystems the light intensity could be one of these factors, don’t plants need sunlight to perform photosynthesis, if light isn’t available for the mangroves how are they going to perform photosynthesis and grow and develop. Wind patterns can also affect the ecosystem, air picks up the vaporized water from the ocean it loses water as it is forced up mountain this is the procedure where rainfall occurs and rainfall is also important in the procedure of plant growth. Soil moisture also affects the distribution of organisms (mangroves) mangrove trees tend to site where the soil moisture is more high. The abundance of the crabs (crab holes) and mangrove seedling in the creek where obtained by applying the quadrant technique, we noticed that when the amount of seedling increased the amount of crab holes decreased hence the more the crab holes in the quadrant the seedling where less abundant. The map indicated the closer the mangrove seedling where to the creek the less abundant they were. Meanwhile for the crab holes the closer they were for the creek the more abundant the where. This is because of the food resources for the crabs, the tide comes up and deposits a rotted organic matter often referred to as detritus which is near the creak. The crabs also tend to live near the creek because of humans the crabs might get frightened from humans so they are more abundant further from the pathway near the creek. The quadrant method was used to estimate the abundance of crabs in each crab holes and the mangrove seedling in the Badu mangrove ecosystem. This method wasn’t that accurate because first of all it takes a lot of time and when counting the amount an individual might make a mistake or might miss one or two. But this method has an advantage that the environment being tested on is not affected or harmed, to improve the accuracy of the quadrant method one should be focused in counting the amount of plant and animal species and repeat the procedure more than one. The heights of the grey mangroves along the transect where measured the only disadvantage is the estimation of the height of the trees could be inaccurate, approaches in improving this method is by using measuring tape or some kind of measuring technique that is more accurate. A variety of equipment where used to measure the abiotic factors in the saltmarsh and the mangrove ecosystems, the equipment are: soil thermometer probe, soil moisture probe, anemometer, air thermometer, light meter and hygrometer. For the soil moisture probe, soil and air thermometer and the hygrometer the result was obtained by recording the reading of these equipment, this procedure was accurate. For the light meter and anemometer there where steps (steps in method above) an individual may not know how to use these meters and may take the wrong reading, like in the results there was a result of 10lux while the rest of the results were in hundreds. Actions in improving these methods is have an experienced guide next to one nd help, use up-to-date equipment be careful and focused while taking the reading and repetition of each method could help the results be more accurate. Biotic factors could affect an area were organism’s sites, human impact is a major one. Human impact could affect the mangrove ecosystem studied at the park, here are some impacts: * Littering is a major impact â€Å"Much litter contains toxins and chemicals that are harmful to animal and plant life†(6). Hard surfaces and foot paths like cement which â€Å"emissions of airborne pollution in the form of dust, gases, noise and vibration when operating machinery and during blasting in quarries, and damage to countryside from quarrying†(7). * Fertilizer’s they promote the growth of bacteria, fungi and algae. * Air pollution by factories and cars when the release smokes that is harmful to the air of the environment. * Physical damage for example teenagers vandalizing a natural resort. * The increase in fires not also promotes air pollution but it is damaging its whole surroundings. Wars could also have an impact on the environment. Strategies that could be applied to minimise or balance human impacts on the ecosystem: * Government could make fines for li ttering, increase the amount of rubbish bins. * More signs in the area that says fines for vandalizing property. * Create soft surfaces instead of hard ones. * Laws to produce the production of gases (green house) in factories. * Use filters on cars or factories to prevent the increase of air pollution. * Recycling. * Natural farming instead of using fertilizers. Conclusion: The aim for this experiment was measuring the biotic and abiotic factors which we measured by using different types of methods and techniques, and included them in the results in forms of tables and graphs. These results were used to acquiesce the priority of each experiment and to answer the aim of the experiment. The discussion discusses the results and clarifies how we could’ve improved the tests and what was being affected in each one. We also studied the abundance and distribution of the plant and animal species it was presented in a graph, the description of the patterns where included in he results. Human impacts also have a huge impact on the ecosystems, so people should be careful and treat the ecosystems like their own children. Bicentennial Park can advertise the importance of ecosystems and educating generations to come.

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German Weapon Develop. (WWII) essays

German Weapon Develop. (WWII) essays If World War I was a war to end all wars then World War II was a war that redefined the rules of war. Great technological leaps were made, from radar to the atomic bomb. Germany in particular developed many new weapons such as the Tiger tank and the V2 rocket. With the exception of America with its atomic bomb, Germany made the largest technological strides of all the warring countries. Had Hitler let his generals do their jobs Germany might not have won, but would have lasted long enough to bargain effectively at the peace talks. Hitler not only made tactical mistakes, but also crippling logistical errors that lead to the inability for the Wehrmacht (the German Army) to supply itself. Early in the war, the Wehrmacht was feared for their tanks which the Russians and Americans could not match in power. However, later the Russians built the T-34 which was faster and more powerful than the Panther I and Tiger I tanks that the Germans were using. The Americans had also developed more effect anti-tank guns which could kill a Panther or Tiger easily. Hitler ordered that a better and more powerful tank be developed. After being shown the Tiger II, he immediately fell in love with it and ordered a larger gun put on it. The Tiger II was originally designed to be a medium tank with greater mobility than the T-34s. However, with the new gun and thus a new motor for the weight, it ended up being far heavier than any tank made up to that date. So, the original mobility that the engineers had hoped for was destroyed and was just another heavy tank. Hitler did not care though and ordered for production to begin immediately. The Tiger II was good because of its thick armor and range. Its 88mm barrels could hit a tank 3.5km (2.2mi) away which was far beyond any enemy tanks range. Up to this day, there are no records that the Tiger IIs frontal armor was ever penetrated. The Tiger II took an expert crew to be used effectively sin...

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10 Groundhog Day Quotes to Remind You Spring Is Near

10 Groundhog Day Quotes to Remind You Spring Is Near It may seem far-fetched to those who live closer to the equator. But for people closer to the poles, Groundhog Day marks the arrival of spring and the end of winter. Revere the little furry creature that is likely to make an accurate prognosis of the arrival of spring this Groundhog Day. Read these Groundhog Day quotes to celebrate the season of joy. W. J. VogelTo shorten winter, borrow some money due in spring.​Clyde MooreTheres one good thing about snow, it makes your lawn look as nice as your neighbors.​Kin HubbardDont knock the weather; nine-tenths of the people couldnt start a conversation if it didnt change once in a while.William Camden,  Remains, 1605One swallow maketh not summer; nor one woodcock a winter.​Anthony J. DAngelo, The College Blue BookWherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine.Bill VaughnThe groundhog is like most other prophets; it delivers its prediction and then disappears.​Patrick YoungThe trouble with weather forecasting is that its right too often for us to ignore it and wrong too often for us to rely on it.​Phil ConnorsThis is one time where television really fails to capture the true excitement of a large squirrel predicting the weather.​George SantayanaTo be interested in the changing seasons is a happier state of mind than to be hopelessly in love with spring.​George HerbertEvery mile is two in winter.

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Best Practices for Network Security Research Paper

Best Practices for Network Security - Research Paper Example Several even have to care about how to show paces of owed upkeep and owed meticulousness to a rising register of supervisory obedience burdens. What can one do underneath such great weight to make an improved year, not an annum laden with lost time, network clear-out and obedience annoyances? I've derived what I would deliberate certain practices which can be classified the finest system safety rehearses. Finest practices are stuffs you do - steps up a ladder you climb - activities and tactics. Inside those strategies, I'm sure it will consist of which safety countermeasures to fit in the financial plan for the year. Though I believed in going into particulars about latest safety notions, such as amalgamated risk managing or system admittance resistor, it appears more suitable to place emphasis on the best objectives as a replacement for the best safety apparatuses you might deliberate positioning. For instance, I deliberate an encryption of one of the best practices and not an inven tion or instrument. I'm sure you'll discover many saleable and easily obtainable gears out there. You can continuously gauge those gears which you catch most suitable for your own best-practice archetypal. Shopping cart scheme took this encoded credit card material and stowed it, not encoded in basic manuscript on a record server that was linked to the Web server. Quoting Gary Mileisfeky, â€Å"These two servers were like putty to the hackers - one SQL Injection attack and thousands of consumer records were grabbed, sold and used for siphoning money from the credit cards†(12 Best Practices for Online Security). It is now possible for you to purchase lists of Social Security numbers, forenames, addresses, telephone information, bank account archives and credit cards on the black marketplace. It's now a business. Do not let your association be among those auxiliary lists. The paramount exercise is to look at all features of electric communique and records handling during the co urse of your association. That should comprise of all instantaneous text messaging, folder transmission, conversations, e-mails, connected conferences and webinars, also all records formation, alteration, storing, removal and recovery. How are customer archives kept? How are automated varieties of other personal material secured? Back-up data is not sufficient. You ought to arrange a VPN for those who have admission to your system from the external. Make certain the networks that allow admission onto the system over the encoded channel are likewise not the frailest relations in the substructure. Do not let them in if they are not completely mended, improved, polished for malware and legitimate. Moreover, if you lease an operative with a processor, get the apparatus back - and in the interim, shut their VPN channel. The planning phase is three-pronged and includes making policy declarations, piloting a risk investigation and launching a safety squad configuration. To fashion policy s tatements, the association requires the measure of what ranks of security are fitting and attainable by taking into deliberation the administrative arrangement, singular parts and accountabilities, rules previously present in the dwelling, facility level contracts concerning the IT division and